Carry Your Extra Shoes In {STYLE}

Last weekend I was running around the San Francisco Bay Area attending meetings and working with clients. If you’ve ever been to the Bay Area you know what a real hill is, along with a mass transit commute. I’m a girl who loves her high heel shoes, however they are not always practical when your a stylist on the go!

One thing I hate seeing in the city are women who look like bag ladies, weighed down with a purse, computer bag, gym bag, and more. I understand that these women have a million things to do during the day, but why not be stylish doing it? So to avoid carrying my extra pair of shoes in a plastic bag, I was so excited to to discover theShoe Along

As I hustled between appointments I wore my flats, and carried my pumps in my Shoe Along. I simply slipped it over one of the handles on my handbag as shown below, and hit the streets. It worked perfectly for me. So, if you’re in need of a stylish way to carry an extra pair of shoes during the day, I highly recommend trying one. You’ll love it!