Shoe Along® was created to give women a better, more stylish way to carry their second pair of shoes along. Most women don't use shoe bags, they carry their heels, flats or sneakers in plastic grocery bags inside their own handbag or in a separate bag all together. Well with our revolutionary Shoe Along shoe bag, women can now simply slip their second pair of shoes inside the Shoe Along and very easily attach it to the outside of their own handbag. This is accomplished by smoothly slipping the 7” strap on the back of the Shoe Along over one handle of any dual strap handbag, in seconds.

Made with a soft, stretchy, easy to clean, nylon lined, neoprene fabric, the Shoe Along shoe bag gives women the ability to travel in comfort but to arrive in style.

Wear your size 5-11 flats or sneakers in transit then either right before or shortly after you arrive at your destination, easily swap them out for your heels in no time.

Or dance the night away at the latest hot spot, then slip into your comfortable shoes before heading home. Either way the Shoe Along shoe bag is the solution for you.

Shoe Along is most commonly used to keep your hands free while:
• Commuting to and from work, the gym and other daily destinations
• When heading out for a night out on the town, on a date or dinner with friends
• To safely pack your shoes in your suitcase or carryon bag when traveling
• Going on a job interview or to visit a client or prospect
• Dropping the kids off at daycare

Shoe Along is the second pair of shoes solution for women everywhere.

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